Shipping & Returns


We will do our best to respond to your order within 24 hours, and to ship your order within 48 hours. When your order is shipped, tracking information will be emailed to you.

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Merchandise Return Policy

30 days to return or exchange merchandise with the receipt present, as long as original tags / stickers are still intact and item not worn or washed.

If you need to mail your purchased item back for return, shipping will be at your cost.  Once it is returned with the receipt and contact information, and inspected for damages, we will contact you for a refund.   If you would like to re-order, you can do so through our online store.

Growler Returns Policy

When you are finished your beer, growers are able to be returned at full value, as long as they are clean and not damaged in any way. Alternatively, bring your clean growler back and we will give you a fresh one, filled with more delicious beer!

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Can my child come with me to the Brewery?

Unfortunately no. Our Beverage Room license does not allow anyone under the age of 19.

Do you have food?

We sell light snacks (chips, pretzels), but do not have a kitchen. However, you are also welcome to bring in your own food, or to get food delivered to the taproom.  Please do not bring in any outside drinks.  We sell pop and flavoured San Pellegrino if you are not wanting a boozy bevey!

Are You Dog Friendly?

Yes!  We allow quiet and friendly dogs outside, on our side patio only.  A full list of rules and regulations for responsible pet owners is posted in our beer garden.

Can I purchase a keg?

Yes, kegs are available for purchase. A $100 keg deposit is required, and if you require a hand pump, a $20 rental fee is required. Call the brewery at 902-270-4677 Ext #1 to check on keg availability.

Can I buy beer to go?

Yes, we have cans and growlers to go! These hours are subject to NSLC hours. (Mon-Thurs:12PM-8PM, Fri-Sat: 12PM-10PM, Sun: 12PM-5PM).

Do we fill growlers from other breweries?

Unfortunately, we only fill our own Breton Brewing growlers due to our cleaning process. When you drop off your used growler we will supply you with a fresh, clean one filled with your beer of choice! We do not accept any moldy, chipped or damaged growlers.

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