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Where it all started

Bryan and Andrew have always shared a passion for homebrewing. Brewing batch after batch in their kitchens, garages, and driveways (of which their neighbours often mistook as lobster), they honed their skills over the years. Although they both worked in other professions, an entrepreneurial spirit ran through their veins. This would plant the seeds for what would become Breton Brewing Co.

After several years of dreaming and planning, Breton Brewing Co. opened its doors on June 27th, 2015. The company started with keg and growler sales and were welcomed throughout the community and Nova Scotia with open arms. With the help of family and friends, the two worked hard to meet the demand. A year later, in 2016, Breton launched its cans in the NSLC, and has since expanded to Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador. Breton Brewing Co started with just 3 employees, and now has grown to an amazing team of 20+ people!

The best place in the world


June 1, 2015

First Batch of Beer Brewed at Breton

June 27, 2015

Opening Day!

October, 2015

Stirling wins Bronze at Atlantic Canadian Brewing Awards (ACBA’s)

Winter 2016

First Expansion + New Canner

June 6, 2016

First Cans in the NSLC

Summer 2016

Second Expansion (Fermenters Added)

Fall 2016

Cocoa Envy Chocolate Porter wins Sliver at ACBA’s

Spring 2017

Sons of Hector & Stirling Hefeweizen enter NSLC

June 2017

Breton’s Beergarden Opens

October, 2017

Seven Years Pale Ale wins Gold, Stirling wins Beer of the Year at ACBA’s

Spring/Summer 2018

Third Expansion (New Fermenters and New Canner Added).

Bryan & Andrew

The Founders

Breton’s founders have two things in common. They both wanted to raise their families in Cape Breton, and both are passionate about beer!

Andrew was born and raised in Sydney. He graduated from CBU with a Bachelor’s in Science in Biology & Chemistry, and from UPEI in 2009 with a Bachelor’s in Education. Andrew moved back to Sydney to teach, and to begin his new hobby: home brewing.

Bryan was born and raised in Coxheath, nearby to Sydney. He graduated with Mechanical Engineering from Dalhousie in 2007. After a brief career in aeronautical engineering, Bryan worked as a consulting Engineer in the HVAC industry. While in Halifax, he was exposed to the beginnings of the Nova Scotia Craft Beer industry. Often visiting Propeller & Garrison, as well as Ginger’s Tavern & Rogue’s Roost, he fell in love with Craft Beer. In 2010, Bryan moved back home to Sydney from Halifax. Although he brewed a few batches of beer in Halifax, it was when he moved back to Sydney that his passion for home brewing really took off. This is also when he met his future business partner, Andrew, who was also taking over his kitchen and driveway on a weekly basis experimenting with many recipes.

Throughout their home brewing journey, they learned as much as they possibly could on the topic and aimed to make the best beer possible. They entered many home brewing competitions, and even took home a couple awards. It wasn’t long before Bryan and Andrew began planning Sydney’s first Brewery.

Charities & Donations

Breton Brewing supports many charities throughout the year. Every Thursday from 7pm-9pm we host Trivia Night. Every participant donates $5 at the door, with 100% of the proceeds going to the monthly charity. Since August 2015, our patrons have donated over $35,000 toward these local organizations. If you are interested in your charity being chosen as our monthly recipient, please send us an email to info@bretonbrewing.ca

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