Seven Years Pale Ale. Fresh New Look. Same Great Taste.

New look, who dis?!

We’ve given our award winning Seven Years Pale Ale a makeover!

After a few good years with the old can design, our team thought it was about time to give this beer a refresh. We wanted to create a can that matched the qualities found throughout this beer. Something crisp and refreshing. Something that’s just as nice to look at as it is enjoyable todrink. And boy oh boy do we think this one turned out sharp!

No need to fret! We haven’t changed the recipe.  This is the same delicious beer we’ve always brewed, just with a fresh new look.

If you have yet to try our Seven Years here is a little info on the beer:  Seven hop additions lead to flavours of tropical fruits, berries, and tangerine, balanced by a caramel finish. This Tropical Pale Ale packs a lot of hop flavour without the bitterness. This award winning beer has received Pale Ale of the Year honours for 2017 and 2018 from the Atlantic Canadian Brewing Awards.

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