New equipment, who dis!?

We’ve got some REALLY exciting news to share!

The newest piece of equipment is up and running at the brewery and is set to take our beer to the next level! Known as a centrifuge, this piece of high-tech equipment allows us to achieve a superior level of beer quality while keeping the same great taste that you have come to expect from Breton Brewing Co.

So, what does this change mean for our beer? The biggest difference you’ll notice will be in terms of the clarity. With this machine, we can get our beer cleaner and clearer than ever before! Check out the photos below to see a before and after of Black Angus!

Some of you might be wondering how it works. In short, it spins the beer reallllllly fast! For the past six years, our brewers have relied on cold temperatures and time to drop all of the yeast, hops, and fruit out of the beer before packaging. With the centrifuge, this process shortens from days to hours. Not only does it do it faster, but it does it more efficiently, meaning that we can get high quality, consistent beer out of the tank and into pints and cans!

As always, our goal is to bring you the same great beer you know and love, at the highest quality possible. With our new centrifuge we will be able to deliver on this and more as we take our beer to a new level.

We can’t wait to share the results with you!