New Beers! Grapefruit IPA and Raspberry Lemon Sour

Welcome to the line up Grapefruit IPA!  This American IPA imparts massive grapefruit flavours, with real grapefruit juice added.  It has fruity aromas of pine and citrus.  Refreshingly bitter and pithy with a dry finish; every sip will leave you wanting more.

ABV: 6%  IBU: 45

We also have a new addition to our Let’s Jam Sour series!  This years version features flavours of Raspberry and Lemon!  Brewed with loads of Raspberry and Lemon, this beer has the perfect amount of sweet upfront, with a punch of sour to finish it off. Tastes like sour candy.  This pink colour makes this beer as pleasing on the eyes as it is on the tongue!

ABV: 4%   IBU: 4