Art on Tap!

Welcome Jennifer MacLellan!

We are excited to announce the first installment of our new artist series, Art on Tap!  The first artist on display is Jennifer Maclellan.  Her large scale, ocean themed acrylic paintings bring a welcome burst of colour and brightness into the brewery.  These paintings are on display in our taproom both to view, and purchase!  Matted prints are also available for purchase!

About The Artist

Jennifer MacLellan is a New Waterford native who returned to Cape Breton in 2018, after living abroad for several years. While pursuing an M. Litt and PhD in Scotland (Scottish History), and Iceland (Viking history), she continued to live a stone’s throw away from the North Atlantic. This close proximity to the water has made the ocean a natural inspiration for her work.

Upon returning to Cape Breton in the summer of 2018, Jennifer saw an opportunity to move back home, by entering the field of mental health. She has pursued a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology, and during the initial lockdown of March 2020, while finishing a practicum and thesis, she took advantage of the isolation, and started painting regularly.  Jennifer is a self-taught artist, who works in acrylics. Her main inspiration is and remains the ocean.

Currently, Jennifer is in the process of opening a private practice as a Psychotherapist, but plans to continue to work part time as an artist and perhaps find ways to collaborate both passions professionally.

Check out Jennifer’s website at: